Names and Numbers Primary Schools in Oriire North Local Council Development Area, Olokoto.

1.Community Primary School, Oniya
2.UMCA Basic School, Olokoto
3.L.A Basic School, Adafila
4.UMCA Primary School, Igbori
5.Community Primary School, Gbogun-Daodu
6.Community Primary School, Jegede
7.Community Basic School, Eseke
8.Community Basic School, Ogbin Ile
9.Community Basic School, Alapete
10.Community Basic School, Alasapa
11.Community Basic School, Alatori
12.Community Basic School, Aribaba
13.Community Basic School, Arowosaye
14.Community Primary School, Ayepe
15.Community Basic School, Elerukanfila
16.Community Basic School, Oniguguru
17.Community Basic School, Omowale
18.Community Basic School, Onilaali
19.Community Basic School, Osowu-Elegan
20.Community Basic School, Baba Eko
21.Community Primary School, Gbemi
22.Community Basic School, Oniki
23.Community Primary School, Alawodi
24.Community Basic School, Abe-Abaja
25.Community Primary School, Adekanbi
26.Community Primary School, Elekulu
27.Community Primary School, Agabi
28.Community Basic School, Eleyele
29.Community Primary School, Olowo-Oja
30.Community Primary School, Igbo-Elemi
31.Community Primary School, Arigidana
32.Community Primary School, Alasiri-Ajegunle
33.Community Basic School, Onikoko
34.Community Primary School, Alaba
35.Community Primary School, Akara
36.Community Basic School, Ijagun-Ita Elewa
37.Community Primary School, Ayegun Alagutan
38.Migrant Farmer Basic School, Godogodo
39.Migrant Farmer Basic School, Odunifa
40.Nomadic Primary School, Joro/Olokoto
41.Nomadic Primary School, Elemi-NLA
42.Migrant Farmer Basic School, Abas-NLA
43.Migrant Farmer Basic School, Itamerin
44.Nomadic Primary School, Asanre
45.Migrant Farmer Basic School, Olakanmi Ipate
46.Community Primary School, Igbo-Iyin
47.Community Primary School, Kajola
48.Community Primary School, Igboran
49.Community Primary School, Ori Oke

Names and Number of Secondary Schools in Oriire North Local Council Development Area.

  • Community Grammar School, Olokoto
  • Community Grammar School, Adafila

Economic/Commercial Potential

  • Market Centers:- The Local Council Development Area is blessed with markets i.e Adafila and Igbori Markets which enhance commercial activities.
  • Soil Minerals:- The Local Council Development Area is also blessed with marble stone at Igbori.
  • Agriculture:- The Local Council Development Area is blessed with large expanse of fertile land and that is why the traditional occupation of the people at the Local Council Development Area is farming and produces  arable Crops such as yam, maize, cassava.
  • It also has some cashew plantations which are owned by some individuals.